Sewing Hitty Doll Clothes

The Challenge of Staying Focused

How to stay focused and on track is a daily challenge for me.  This was written in 2005 but it’s still true today.

Sewing Hitty Doll Clothes

I had about an hour before I had to start dinner, so I thought I would spend that time sewing.

As I sat down to the sewing machine, I realized that I needed to clean the lint from the bobbin area, so I took the throat plate off and cleaned out the lint. Then, I realized the sewing machine and my computer were really dusty, so I got my feather duster out and dusted them.

Then, I thought I would dust the ceiling fan while I had the feather duster out.  When I did that, a bunch of dust clumps fell on the carpet,  so I had to get out the sweeper.  Since I had the sweeper out, I used the wand attachment to sweep out the corners where the stray threads and small pieces of material seem to collect.

Then I thought I would sweep the corners of the front porch because I had noticed some cobwebs and dead bugs out there.   I realized the front door needed some attention, so I cleaned it and the window.

I thought that since I had the sweeper out with the wand attachment on it, I would clean the track of the sliding glass door too.  I did that and then also swept the floor and the corners of the back patio.

I realized that the patio table and chairs needed to be cleaned too, so I did that.  Since I was out there, I watered the flowers.

By the time I put the sweeper away, it was time to start dinner.

That’s how easily I get distracted.


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