Halloween Costume Fun for Dolls

Halloween Costumes for Dolls has been keeping the Doll Fashion Shop busy in the past few days.

When Winston and Beatrice (Wataru Kun and Kira Chan) were given Gryffindor uniforms and robes, they came to the me for some minor alterations.  The Takara Wataru Kun doll and the 9″ articulated Harry Potter doll are similar in size but Harry’s arms and legs are a little longer. 

Hermione’s uniform fits the Takara Licca Kira Chan doll without any changes, although the knee socks are a little long.

Wartaru Kun Licca Castle as Harry and Hermione

I turned up the hem of the pants and the sleeves of the sweater one-half inch without cutting off the fabric just in case Harry ever needed his outfit back. 

Before and after detail

If I had it to do over, I think I would turn up the sleeve a little less and make the inside seam deeper so that the “cuff” would be narrower. The before photo of the cuff detail shows how the manufacturer finished it and  the way I made the new cuff.

After Alterations

For the Harley Quinn outfit on the 6″ Stacie doll, I purchased a Halloween costume accessory and used the fabric.  

The Happy Family Grandma is wearing the clothing that came on the Harry Potter Professor McGonnagall doll.  This doll has a very nice articulated body but big feet.  I put her head on a Made to Move Barbie body.

Spooky exercise class

Our community center was decorated for Halloween, so I took my dressed dolls there for a photo shoot.  Included in the photos are Barbie Stacie as Harley Quinn, Kelly Club Kelly dressed as a cat, Wataru Kun and Kira Chan dressed as Harry and Hermione, Kelly Club Tommy as Dracula, Happy Family Grandparents as the witch and the beast.  Also there for pictures is Hitty Flora, who was carved by the late Gale Lyons of Naples Florida.

The Harry Potter dolls are still in production and can be purchased at Walmart in the store or online.  Purchasing online is so easy.  You get free pickup at your local store.

The Fashionista Made to Move Barbie dolls are available in retail outlets and online.  I purchased some of my dolls from Amazon and some from ebay.

The rest of the dolls are only availble on the secondary market and ebay may be your best source.  This is my affilate link. Read my Disclosure page for more information. 

Fashionista Made to Move Barbie on ebay and on  Amazon

Takara Wataru Kun and Kira Chan are harder to find than some dolls.  Kira Chan is an original doll but my Wataru is a reproduction doll from 1999.  He is less expensive than the 60’s era doll. Wataru and Kira Chan on eBay.

My Stacie doll is from the Lily Pulitzer gift set.  I purchased the set in 2005 but it’s more expensive now.  At the time, the Stacie doll was a new release and the model muse body type for the Barbie doll was fairly new as well.  Lily Pulitzer Gift Set on Ebay.

The Happy Family grandparents and the Kelly Club dolls are no longer being made and are getting harder to find.   Happy Family Grandparents and Kelly Club dolls on eBay.

Hitty dolls are based upon the children’s book Hitty Her First Hundred Years.  The book can be purchased on Amazon or eBay.  Hitty dolls are handcrafted of wood, resin, cloth and other mediums by crafters and artisians. 

You can find Hitty dolls on eBay.  Prices vary depending upon the material or the popularity and abilities of the artist.  Some Hitty dolls have sold for a few thousand dollars.  Most are much less expensive.  Hitty Dolls on eBay, Hitty book on eBay and Amazon.

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