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This is my doll website.  Everything is written by me or approved by me.  I write about dolls, share tips on identifying and valuing your dolls and sometimes review a new doll I have purchased. It’s my own opinion and no one else’s unless I say so.

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I am not an expert. I know a lot about dolls but there is always more to learn.   Even the known “facts” about a doll can change as new information is revealed.  If you see misinformation on this site, it is unintentional and I always appreciate being enlightened.

Just a few things about me:

  • I live in Ft Myers, Florida.  My kids and grandkids live somewhere else. This is not an ideal situation.

  • I’ve sold dolls and doll clothes in consignment shops, doll shows and craft shows.   In 1999, I started selling online. Last year, I officially retired.  It wasn’t long before I realized that getting up every day with no real plan of action is not for me so I created this new website.

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Shirley E Childers