My husband and I recently  retired and moved to a condo in a senior community. The first thing I realized is that downsizing is not fun….not fun at all. When you have a house with a garage, an attic and many closets, it’s easy to fill them up. And I did.  

Getting used to my new lifestyle has been a challenge.  Organizing my stuff and setting up a place to sew was the biggest hurdle.  I am thankful for my supportive and understanding husband who found a way to make it happen.

I learned to sew when I was ten years old.  I made clothing for myself, my family and for dolls. Even when I had other jobs or was a stay-at-home-mom, I sewed and sold doll clothes in local shops, doll shows and craft fairs.  In 1999, I discovered eBay and online selling.  

This website is about my life as seen through dolls.  It may contain affiliate links and a sales page to help fund the site and allow me to eat out and travel once in awhile.  

We have three children, six grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  They may appear occasionally on the site.  We recently celebrated 50 years of marriage.  

Every day is a gift.  Life is good!


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